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Gene Roddenberry - Audio MP3s

These recordings are taken from my private audio collection. The UK recordings were audio letters either sent to me personally by Gene or were recordings I made at conventions or off the radio. The Australian recordings were sent to me by Diane Marchant, the former Star Trek Welcommittee rep for Australia, who unfortunately passed away a number of years ago.

I am sharing these tapes with you as I feel they are of historical interest. I am sure that Diane would have been happy for me to share her tapes as well. The quality of these recordings is variable but I hope you will enjoy them.

You may download a single copy for your own personal use. If you wish to make use of the recordings in any other way, please contact me. Please do not further distribute the recordings.

Thanks, Janet

Disclaimer - Only the actual recodings are copyrighted here. No attempt is made to supersede any copyright held by the Conventions, Radio Stations, Diane Marchant's Estate, The Roddenberry Estate, Paramount, NBC, BBC or any other holders of copyright in Star Trek material.